WEBFI-TECH-‘Tesla as the World’s Biggest Robot Company:’ Elon Musk on AI and U.S. Innovation | WSJ

Watch Tesla CEO Elon Musk in an interview with WSJ’s Joanna Stern at the CEO Council Summit.



  • H5 Training on December 10, 2021

    Musk may have achieved more than any human who has ever lived

  • Misses Witch on December 10, 2021

    I'd just delete it, Delete.

    Haha I'm sure all the CEOs in that room love his blunt honesty! Because it is hard to find that in a person with alot of money!

  • Babak Sanaee on December 10, 2021

    Elon there some of us that are completely aligned with your goals for humanity and super appreciative of the progress you have driven. Get it done!

  • Johan van der Berg on December 10, 2021

    I think he's right on everything but China.

  • Charlie Walker on December 10, 2021

    Great interview as always from Elon. No matter the topic, I always love hearing his thoughts.
    That said, I wish hosts and interviewers rid themselves of feeling like they need to apply some gimmick questions to their interviews.
    “60 Second round” for example. I understand people want to cover everything, but if you cannot allow the time to receive a full response, then I think it is a disservice to the person you are interviewing.
    Especially when the person in question may have a 10 second answer played on loop in the wrong context by some adversarial journalist/company.

  • Shabir Gilkar on December 10, 2021

    Wonderful interview. You can feel how uncomfortable Elon is at many things which are not going as he desire or wants them to be, be it govt response, thought process, policies, tech advancement, materials, positions in offices etc. Which gives you a sense he is continuously thinking but at the same time refining the things around him. Genius is not by all its own, it needs conducive environments, policies, speed, people and many more things which ignites the tremendous growth and large scale. 

    On Chine I think he is more liberal and feels like China has not snatched its position but deserves it and we should just feel comfortable and also expect China to just work tremendously for the betterment of general good of humanity.

  • Painted Pony on December 10, 2021

    Lousy interview questions from a woman whose arrogance is exceeded only by her ignorance.

  • Melissa Amilibia on December 10, 2021

    Oh no. Bad haircut.

  • DugoutDave on December 10, 2021

    Is Elon Musk, Lone Skum

  • brandon lamm on December 10, 2021

    Deep fake Elon is that you?

  • King Corrick on December 10, 2021

    I think what Elon is doing, is great for humanity. Why? He can't be politically controlled . This means, A.I. will not have political agendas like, a government Dictatorship, Communist State, or the New World Order agendas… Now I'm not saying it won't happen in a free market society, look at Bill Gates, could he put out A.I. robots for Genocide? Bill Gates, did some of the financing of the Wuhan labs. So there are crooked billionaires out there, with bad intentions, because of greed. These cooked Billionaires could build human killing machines, for Communist China, N Korea, possibly Russia. With 3D copy machines, robots limbs could be easily restored, if there is a war of robots against humans. Here's one of the opening scenes of Terminator 3:

  • Michael Wang on December 10, 2021

    Looking forward to the spacecraft 😀
    Let's explore space before 2050 ^__^ technology is improving each by year

  • Shahzad Khan Niazi on December 10, 2021

    If we build road for traffic then it will reduce job which america has lack of.

  • sun Gunesh on December 10, 2021

    Just love this guy❤️

  • Lemon Tree on December 10, 2021

    Him not believing in overpopulation is concearning.

  • Mark Cooper on December 10, 2021

    the only way to stop ageing or slow it down is to listen to wisdom don't smoke don't drink which will give conscious awareness or pleasure and pain the rest will take care of itself

  • Crypto Papi on December 10, 2021

    The more this interview goes on, the more I realize that this is WSJ after all, so Nah. I like Elon's answers though.

  • xxx xxx on December 10, 2021

    Did you know that he uses this software for his Bitcoins:

  • D T on December 10, 2021

    We need more Elon Musk. Remember “I’m Tiger Woods” slogan and now it should be “I’m Elon Musk”.

  • ABDUL HALIM Ahmad on December 10, 2021

    Remember , CEO etc i made up.. I remember when my 1st company , a sole proprietor. Almost 50 years ago!. Owner, president, secretary , treasurer

  • Untitledmixture on December 10, 2021

    How to hate him? I don't hate him but look.

    Elon: AI is the end of humanity.
    Also Elon: "produces the most advanced AI products"

    Good luck my friends 👋.

  • rodgazinya on December 10, 2021

    Elon is not nearly as much of a friend to humanity as you guys would like to think he is.

  • Himangshu Kaushik on December 10, 2021

    Genious a good man ❤️

  • Moid Alam on December 10, 2021

    This Joanna Stern is great interviewer

  • Hari Prasad on December 10, 2021

    get rid of all subsidies say the guy whose company was afloat due to carbon credits. Of course he wants to cut out nascent companies that can be competition in the future.

  • J money on December 10, 2021

    All geniuses was hated at one point

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