WEBFI-Cpanel-Advanced cPanel Troubleshooting with Strace

Presented by Lee Latham, a NIX Tech Analyst at cPanel, this presentation will teach you how strace can be used to isolate many issues yourself. Lee will demystify this simple but often misunderstood and intimidating tool. You will learn how to invoke this command and interpret its output for use in any situation.



  • cPanelTV on December 12, 2021

    @deltaray3 Keep in mind this video pre-dates the addition of strace capabilities into the WHM interface.

    You can now strace any process from the WHM interface by going to the System Health section of WHM and clicking on "Process Manager." Next to each process, you can click "trace" which on Linux systems will show you the strace output of that process.

    – cPanelDavidG

  • deltaray3 on December 12, 2021

    How sad. You've made a web interface to get around having to use command line tools, but because it doesn't work right you have to fall back on using command line tools to fix it. Sorry to troll but it had to be said.

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