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What is CPanel, Cpanel About
cPanel is currently developed by cPanel, L.L.C., a privately owned corporation headquartered in Houston, Texas, United States. It was originally designed in 1996 as the control panel for Speed Hosting, a now-defunct web hosting company. The original author of cPanel, John Nick Koston, had a stake in Speed Hosting. Webking quickly began using cPanel after their merger with Speed Hosting. The new company moved its servers to Virtual Development Inc. (VDI), a now-defunct hosting facility. Following an agreement between Koston and VDI, cPanel was only available to customers hosted directly at VDI. At the time there was little competition in the control panel market, with the main choices being VDI and Alabanza.

Eventually, due to Koston leaving for college, he and William Jensen signed an agreement in which cPanel was split into a separate program called WebPanel; this version was run by VDI. Without the lead programmer, VDI was not able to continue any work on cPanel and eventually stopped supporting it completely. Koston kept working on cPanel while also working at BurstNET. Eventually, he left BurstNET to focus fully on cPanel.

cPanel 3 was released in 1999: main additions over cPanel 2 were an automatic upgrade and the Web Host Manager (WHM). The interface was also improved when Carlos Rego of WizardsHosting made what became the default theme of cPanel.

On August 20, 2018, cPanel L.L.C. announced that it had signed an agreement to be acquired by a group led by Oakley Capital (who also own Plesk and SolusVM). While Koston sold his interest in cPanel, he will continue to be an owner of the company that owns cPanel.
If you have an online presence or are working towards building one, you’ve probably heard of cPanel. Many websites hosting companies offer it with their hosting packages for free. The problem is, a lot of people don’t understand what cPanel is and what it is capable of.

Picture this, you are a new small business owner trying to make a name for yourself. You know the best way to create a presence is by getting your business online, but you don’t know where to start.

That’s where cPanel comes in.

By definition, cPanel is a browser-based control panel that website owners use to manage their sites. Now, what exactly does that mean?

cPanel makes it easy for anyone to run a website. There’s no need for website administrators or full-on tech teams because all of your tools are available within the control panel in your browser. From the cPanel dashboard, you can easily install content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, manage your backups, databases, email, domain names, and much more.

Ease of use
As stated above, cPanel is made to simplify the task of running a website. Here we’ll talk about some of the tools at cPanel’s disposal to make this possible. Let’s start with one of the most important tools, Softaculous App Installer.

The Softaculous App Installer allows you to add several applications to your website with a click of a button. These apps include things like content management systems (CMS), shopping carts, social networking, image galleries, etc. You name the app, cPanel has an easy install for you.

If you don’t know anything about building a website, having a user-friendly CMS is crucial, as it will make the whole process a lot easier. Without a CMS you will need to know how to code and understand computer languages such as HTML. With a CMS, however, like WordPress or Joomla, you have an easy designer in your browser, that can create, organize and secure your website.


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